Project idea

  • VET4D stands for “Vocational Education and Training for disabled people” and is a Leonardo da Vinci partnership project funded by the “Lifelong Learning Programme”.
  • Ergonomically well designed work places are very important to accommodate people with different disabilities in order to help them to fulfill certain processes at work. Therefore workshops for disabled people are in continuous need of specialist equipment and devices. Such devices form the basis for ideal task activities for technical apprentices at vocational schools. Thereby students plan, develop, produce, and explain these technical devices needed for disabled people in workshops.
  • In cooperation projects between vocational schools and institutions for people with disabilities students not only learn how to work on their own within a complex sequence - they also get a clearer perspective of difficulties experienced by disabled people in their working lives. Thereby the technical vocational education in Europe can be improved.
  • In addition, young people gain an in-depth look at other cultures and ways of living and working. They can also improve their knowledge of foreign languages so they are perfectly prepared for the European job market