Ronneby (S) - Sjöarpsskolan

Ronneby (S) - Sjöarpsskolan


City of Ronneby

The modern spa resort Ronneby is located in the middle of Blekinge with Karlskrona and Karlshamn only 20 minutes away. Ronneby is the oldest city in Blekinge and was founded in 1387. Today in the municipality of Ronneby live 28.000 inhabitants in between the beautiful archipelago of the Baltic sea and magical hiding-places of the forest. Ronneby is well known for the park “Brunnsparken”, which was voted Sweden’s most beautiful park in 2005.  



Sjöarpsskolan is Ronneby municipality secondary special school. School buildings and land is beautifully situated in Sjöarp, Bräkne-Hoby​​. We target young people who have a learning disability or other disability which means that they can`t attend regular school. School shall on the basis of each student's opportunities deepen and develop students' skills in preparation for a meaningful adult life in work, housing and recreation. Preparation for work is done through job training, which students have about 22 weeks of their total four years at the school. Job training  is designed to provide a broad insight into the world of work. The school educates and develops skills for living and leisure. Staff and students plan together activities like swimming, horse riding, shooting, theater, movies, field trips, restaurant and cafe visits and more. For some years it is possible to get some part of the education located at the upper secondary school Knut Hahn. Together with our two silent partner Knut Hahn and Blekinge Institute of Technology have we started two projects in this EU-project here comes a short presentation of our silent partners.


Knut Hahn Upper Secondary School

Completely renovated for the autumn term of 2004 with an open and bright design, variable classroom layouts and state-of-the-art IT equipment. A school that encourages involvement, camaraderie and openness.  Curriculum: Child care and recreation, Electricity, Arts, Music and Drama, Motor Mechanics, Trade and Administration, Arts and crafts,  Manufacturing, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences and Technology.


Blekinge Institute of Technology

Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH) is a public authority, subject to the same legislation and regulations as other public authorities in Sweden, and acts according to the particular statutes, ordinances and regulations relevant to the higher education sector. BTH is a recognized university under government control. It is the most distinctly profiled institute in Sweden, thanks to its strong emphasis on applied information technology, IT and sustainable development in industry and society. At BTH, the humanities, social sciences, management and health sciences are all integrated into an applied IT profile that enables technology and the humanities to develop in exciting new directions. The institute was established in 1989 and is located in the county of Blekinge in south-east Sweden. BTH is one of three independent institutes of technology in Sweden and in 1999 it was granted university status in technology. Among a large number of programmes and courses taught in Swedish, BTH offers two undergraduate programmes and about 18 Master's programmes in English. In addition to the large number of nationalities represented at faculty level, foreign students from all over the world give our institute a truly international environment. In accordance with our emphasis on sustainability, BTH became climate neutral in September 2008. This signifies not contributing to the global climate problem. BTH will as quickly as possible reduce climate impact by, for example, using only renewable, climate-neutral energy for heating, electricity or vehicles.