Weißenburg (D) - Staatliche Berufsschule

Weißenburg (D) - Staatliche Berufsschule


City of Weissenburg

The “Große Kreisstadt Weissenburg” is situated amidst the picturesque scenery of the river Altmühl and the Frankonian lake district in the federal state of Bavaria, Germany. Weissenburg has good traffic connections to bigger cities like Nuremberg as well as to the Bavarian capital Munich.

Weissenburg itself still has a medieval reinforcement with a wall, different towers and moats. Impressive buildings such as churches, numerous town houses and the fortress Wülzburg go together to form a beautiful picture of a typical medieval town. The Roman museum with its information centre focussing on the Limes Roman Wall as well as excavations of a Roman castle and a Roman thermal bath are witness of an even older history of Weissenburg.


 Vocational School of Weissenburg

In terms of its 700 students and 27 teaching staff, the vocational school in Weissenburg is one of the smaller ones in Bavaria. You can find three different departments in the school:

  • Metal department: industrial, tool and car mechanics
  • Nutrition department: bakers, butchers and the corresponding shop assistants
  • Retail department: retailers and shop assistants

As a result there is a friendly, familiar atmosphere among pupils and teaching staff, and, as the school is technically perfectly equipped the teaching and learning conditions are optimal. According to the latest opinion polls, pupils as well as teachers feel at home at our school.


Weissenburger Werkstätten

Some people with disabilities are not able to stand the pressure of the working conditions of the regular job market. Therefore a workshop for people with disabilities was founded in order to supply those persons – no matter what kind of disabilities they have – with measures for training on the job, vocational education and jobs. Even the social area is important for those people for integration into working life and everyday life. Not only the ability at work is important. Furthermore the people with disabilities need support in keeping and improving their physical and psychical health, education, developing creativity and skills for managing their everyday life. In addition the Weissenburger Werkstätten help those people to develop interpersonal skills in order to establish a sustainable social environment and a feeling of self-respect. In the “Weissenburger Werkstätten”, people with different disabilities work in fields such as installation and manufacture of components and parts. In order to improve the production and installation processes involved as well as to make these processes easier for disabled persons, this institution is in continual need of special equipment and devices. Such technical devices form the basis for an ideal task for pupils at the vocational school who are doing an apprenticeship as industrial mechanics. Classes at the vocational school of Weissenburg have already planned, produced and handed out several technical devices to the disabled persons workshop in the last years.