Pamplona (E) - CIP Virgen del Camino

Pamplona (E) - CIP Virgen del Camino


City of Pamplona

The city of Pamplona is situated on the north of Spain in the province of Navarra. Pamplona is very near the border with France as well as to the Basque Country.

Pamplona was founded by the Romans and is located on the Pilgrim’s Way to Santiago.  It is well-known by its beautiful parks along with its old part which is sorrounded by a Roman wall. You can also enjoy the delicious tapas (or pintxos as they are known locally).

In Pamplona many people can speak the basque language, which is the oldest european language. Besides, traditional sports are still being played such as Basque pelota.

But what makes Pamplona famous around the world is Los Sanfermines which is a festival held at the beginning of July, from 7 to 14. Many people run in the well-known encierros in which people run in front of the bulls.

Travelling out of Pamplona, the region of Navarra has a great diversity, from the pictoresque villages on the north to the completely different scenery on the south.


CIP Virgen del Camino

Our Vocational School has got around 800 students and 80 teaching staff. It is one the oldest vocational schools in Pamplona. You can find seven different departments in the school:

  • Mechanical Manufacturing
  • Metal Constructions
  • Mechatronics
  • Automobile Electromechanics
  • Electricity
  • Housing Constructions
  • Heating and Cooling Installations

We can enjoy a friendly atmosphere among pupils and teaching staff. It is very well-equipped so the teaching and learning conditions are very good.


Tasubinsa  Company

TASUBINSA (Auxiliary Workshops for the Subcontracting Industry Navarra SA) is a non-profit public limited company whose social objective is the labour and social integration of people with intellectual disabilities.

Currently, there are approximately 1,300 people working daily in our workshops. Our company is spread throughout the Navarre geography providing occupational therapies to people with special needs.

Tasubinsa has two objectives:

  • To promote labour and social integration of people with intellectual disability.
  • To carry out a productive and quality work for our customers.

The project that we are currently working is called Vocational Education and Training for Disabled people. Our aim, along with all the other European vocational schools working in similar projects, is to design and make devices to make disabled people’s work easier.

The Mecanizado Department, the English Department and the students of the first course of the Ciclo Superior de Programación de la Producción en Fabricación Mecánica are the members who are working in this project in our school.