Perugia (I) - I.T.T.S. "Alessandro Volta"

Perugia (I) - I.T.T.S. "Alessandro Volta"



The capital of Umbria, a region called "The Green Heart of Italy". It covers a high hilltop and part of the valleys around the area. With origins going back to the Etruscan period, it’s a town of around 165,000 inhabitants, rich in art, architecture, and historical significance.  It is internationally recognized as a city of learning with its two Universities:  the University of Perugia founded in 1308 , the University for Foreigners and some smaller colleges such the Academy of Fine Arts "Pietro Vannucci", public athenaeum founded in 1573, the Perugia University Institute of Linguistic Mediation for translators and interpreters, the Music Conservatory of Perugia, founded in 1788, and others Institutes. There are annual festivals and events which attract a large number of visitors: the International Journalism Festival (in April) , the Umbria Jazz Festival (July) and the Eurochocolate Festival (October).


I.T.T.S. A. Volta

The Technical Institute "A. Volta" is about 1 km far from the city centre and well connected by public means of transport. There are 1500 students, aged 14-19, coming from the town and surrounding areas, 143 teachers and 38 members of administration and organization staff.

We have six different specializations: Electronics and Electrical Studies, Mechatronics and Energy, Chemistry, ICT and Telecommunications, Graphics and Communications, Transport and Logistics. At the end of a five- year course, students get a diploma which enables them to start a professional career or attend  University or  Master Courses at I.T.S.(Istituto Tecnico Superiore). We have a strong link to our territory and  organize periods of internships in local firms for students attending the final two classes. This action in synergy with the world of work provides mutual benefits and supports our students with high value learning opportunities.

The school was built in 1960, it is 14.000 square meters  large and offers a lot of facilities such as canteen, gym, library,  music room, staff room, 26 specialist laboratories  and a Planetarium for Astronomy lessons which we share with other schools and the local community. It is easy access also  for  the students with special needs. 

In 2012 our school  ranked among the top 10 schools in Italy, selected by the Ministry of Education for the application of "Piano Scuol@2.0" which involves a totally new concept of teaching and learning environment through the use of new technologies. We are therefore in the middle of this epoch-making change towards a digital school. For this reason we have  started a process of transformation towards a new model  which involves all aspects of school life from teaching methods to administration and organization.  All  the classrooms have been equipped with interactive boards and wi-fi internet connection, the use of the electronic register has allowed a real time communication with the families , the adoption of a Learning Management System (Moodle) has enabled  the realization of  blended learning, revealing itself a powerful tool to put resources at students' disposal and forward their independence. We have adopted a 1:1 approach with iPads for students of year 1 and all the teachers have been equipped with iPads.

The mission of our school is to form  European citizens respectful of other cultures, to provide them with 21st century skills and an attitude to lifelong learning  and continuous  innovation. To reach this ambitious goal we benefit from the experiences shared with other European schools, therefore internationalization is a key element of our educational plan.

I.T.T.S. A. Volta has long been engaged in the  integration of students with special needs and disabilities, we have run various projects ("Le ali" and "Pensami Adulto") in cooperation with local firms and authorities aimed at the acquisition and development of skills for the inclusion in the world of work. The staff group with responsibilities for this area is made by the Head Teacher, specialized teachers, external operators and parents.

Our school supports families with economic difficulties with various initiatives, we offer books as temporary loans and  a  group of teachers and students do voluntary work for the school and the local community, offer blood donations and civil protection for emergencies.