Chroustovice (CZ) - Odborné učiliště


Village of Chroustovice

Chroustovice, a village with 1,300 inhabitants, is located in the eastern Bohemia, between towns Vysoké Mýto and Chrudim, in the romantic valley of the Novohradka River. The municipality of Chroustovice funds a kindergarten and an elementary school here. The history of Chroustovice is long and rich. The beginning of the settlement here is dated back to prehistoric times. For the first time, Chroustovice was mentioned in chronicles in 1349. In the middle ages the life here was strictly connected to the life of the local manor and the manor landlords. The castle was originally built as a gothic water fortress around the year 1406. In the 16th century Zachariáš Slavata of Chlum rebuilt the devasted and deserted fortress to a renaisance castle. The next rebuilding took place in 1676 when František Karel Libštejnsý of Kolowrat changed the renaisance look of the castle to baroque style and in 1776 he started the rococo rebuilding. Since then the castle has kept its rococo look. The last owners of the manor were the Thurn Taxises who left Chroustovice in 1919. Since then the castle has become the state property. At the beginning of the 20th century the castle was used as a school or a hospital, e.g. as a tubercular sanatorium. During the second World War there was a reform school for girls, too. In 1948 the castle was destroyed by fire. After the reconstruction, on 1st March 1949, a social house for mentally disabled youngsters originated here and in 1955 it was tranformed to a boarding vocational school for children with disabilities.


Vocational school of Chroustovice ( OU a PrŠ Chroustovice )

OU a PrŠ Chroustovice is a special vocational school which belongs to a network of special schools in the Czech Republic and provides lower vocational education. There are about 350 students now who can choose from more than 15 branches of study. The school provides preparation for the future occupation for pupils with special educational needs (pupils with minor mental handicap, developmental and specific learning difficulties and problematic behavior and pupils socialy disadvantaged) according to the curriculum and through special education methods. Basis of the education are practical lessons, theory is aimed at vocational knowledge. Since 2001 the Pardubice Region has been the owner of the castle and the founder of the school as well.


Social welfare institution “MIREA o.p.s.”

Their aim is to support the development and social skills  of their clients, to prefer their individual needs and possibilities and to integrate them into society  through a variety of social works, therapeutical and working activities (for example: crafts including production of hand made paper, arts, cooking, gardening)


Social Services House  “DSS”  in Slatiňany

This social institution is the allowance organization of the Pardubice Region.  Their clients are people with mental disabilities (even hard-hit), people with mental disabilities in combination with physical handicaps or sense perception disorders. Social Services House Slatiňany is providing variety of social services for 289 of their clients.