Bregenz (A) - Landesberufsschule 1



In the very West of Austria, at a prime location in the 4-border-area with Germany, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein, is the Lake-Constance-Vorarlberg region with its main cities Bregenz, Dornbirn, Hohenems and Feldkirch. Bregenz is the capital of Vorarlberg, seat of the provincial government and home to 28,000 people. Situated in the 4-border region Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein, Bregenz has a lot to offer. At all seasons. The city is 2000 years old already. The Brigantians and the Romans had settled here, and even today the medieval old town with its baroque onion dome towers over the city. In the West, the city borders on the third biggest lake in Central Europe; water sports are a must here. The „Pfaender“, the 1064 meters tall landmark mountain is a marvelous lookout, with its 360° panoramic view. The mountain can be explored on foot or conveniently accessed with the „Pfaenderbahn“ cable car. The Bregenz Festival is word famous and attracts countless music lovers from all over the world to Bregenz every year. Contemporary art, theater and museums are also represented and can all be reached within short distances. The modern, fully developed lakeshore is certainly one of the most prominent tourist magnets in Bregenz. In the Summer, swimming, roller skating, jogging and biking are popular pastimes along Lake Constance, and in the Winter one can ice skate. The Pfaender is wonderful for hiking in the Summer, and in the Winter it provides a few slopes for skiing and sledding. Every October, Bregenz is host to the Three-Countries Marathon along the lake.


Vocational school of Bregenz

An ever advancing technical development is accommodated by top-modern equipment and the continuous alignment of the curriculum with the requirements of contemporary education and the demands of the economy. About 600 students attend our school and are guided towards their career goals by 17 full-time, 3 part time, and 2 religious instruction teachers, who also assist in the students' personal development and independence within the framework of our pedagogical function. Our student- and teacher exchange projects have been extremely successful since 1997 and have received awards from the BMBWK and the Leonardo-da-Vinci national agency.

Our students are educated in the following professions:


  • Structural engineering draftsmen & -women
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Machinery Manufacturing
  • Machinig
  • Draftsmen & -women
  • Metalworking
  • And some more.


Lebenshilfe Vorarlberg


The Lebenshilfe Vorarlberg is a private self-help organization that was founded in 1967 by parents and relatives of people with disabilities. We see our main job as representing the interests of people with disabilities.

In workshops, service centers, and in businesses, in apartment buildings and residential communities we provide guidance and assistance to moer than 1200 people with customized people-oriented services in the areas of „working“ and „living“. At several facilities, we offer meaningful work and training spaces in a variety of domains. In the training center Vorarlberg we provide, in the form of several qualifying projects, the opportunity to receive valuable professional training (partial qualification, apprenticeship) to over 140 young disadvantaged people. The mobile services of the Lebenshilfe Vorarlberg complete our range of services with leisure- and educational events, with qualification offers and counseling, as well as family relief measures for currently more than 170 families.

The great understanding that the population of Vorarlberg shows towards people with disabilities is, among others, evident in their support of our annual province-wide collection, the different charitable activities and in numerous individual donations. Our work for people with disabilities is also supported financially and conceptually by its 1300 friends. All these components allow us to provide high quality services and constant advancement of our services.